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Digital marketing is a daunting task, there are too many channels, tools, vendors, best practices. Web sites, chatbots, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, SEM, Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Google Display Network, retargeting, abandoned cart recovery, and so on... who has time to learn all this?

You should be concentrating on what you do best: creating an impact for your customers or communities. Here's what we offer - we'll take digital marketing off your plate.

We eat digital marketing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We listen to all the podcasts, newsletters, and articles everyday to learn the latest best practices and tools to use. We keep getting better, with all the experience we've accumulated doing marketing for a lot of organizations like yours.

All our digital marketing knowledge and experience, applied to your brand instantly.

Skip years of expensive experimentation and learning. Talk to our digital marketing experts, and start getting new customers, supporters, and advocates.

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What We Do

We’ve got everything you need to launch and grow your advocacy

Web sites

Web development is scary. Talking to developers are scary. Learning what makes a good web site design is scary. Sit back, and relax - we got this. We'll create sites you and your customers will love, with almost no effort on your end.


Selling online is a whole 'nother monster. Too many questions to answer: first is what e-commerce platform do you choose? What theme? What plugins? We know all the tips and tricks to get you started - we setup everything you need to start selling online profitably.

Logo Design

Without logos, customers and advocates will have no symbol to remember you by. Help them out - have a logo designed, we'll make sure it's memorable and communicates your brand well.

Video Explainers

Videos are the most higly engaged media now, and yet without the video editing skills, you get left behind the competition. Not anymore, we can help you create short and sweet videos for your next promo, event, or announcement!

Facebook Ads

You can easily break your wallet by doing trial and errors in paid ads. Learning to do it well can also cost you too much time and money. We've attended all the trainings, listened to all the podcasts, subscribed to all the newsletters - you'll get much higher chances with us than if you try to do everything yourself.


Chatbots are this new thing that everyone is talking about, and yet it can get so technical and confusing to learn. Skip that. Delight your customers with instant responses, free up your staff from answering frequently asked questions.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is tedious. News you want to update your mailing list about? Send them our way and we'll format it beautifully for you. Don't know how to grow your mailing list? We do, we'll make sure your web site helps you grow interested subscribers.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the biggest missed opportunities for most brands, because it takes so much time. We'll post your content to the format each channel requires: beautiful photos for Instagram, bite-sized quotes for Twitter, long-form content for your blog.

Mobile Apps

Everything in the internet can feel ephemeral - a person can interact with your site, social media post, or email, and then forget about you the next day. It can get tiring to keep reminding them you exist. Make sure you're always on your customers' phones wherever they go, by creating your very own mobile app!

Custom Software

Day to day work can get cumbersome and repetitive. Day to day drudgery can de-motivate people in your organization who may start off passionate about the job and your mission. Dream up software that can automate your manual tasks, and we'll turn it into reality!

Recent Works

We make beautiful sites, check out some of our latest works



We created a custom-built e-commerce platform for AKABA to start off their online sales journey.



We created a gateway for social enterprises under the ASAM umbrella to reach the billions of people in the internet.



Mayin is an e-commerce platform with a noble cause and a bigger purpose.


Online Magazine

An online magazine with premium publisher features such as Google ads integration, Google Accelerated Mobile Pages, and Facebook Instant Articles integration.

Hound Haven

Advocacy Site

Hound Haven is an advocacy site with blogs, donation forms, downloadables, and pages describing how you can support the non-profit.

Lex and Lia

Web Design

Lex and Lia is an elegant e-commerce store for artworks and interior design.


Web Design

The official web site of Probe Productions, the team behind the famous "The Probe Team" documentary program. Features webisodes and a library of their past videos.

My Vote

News Site

A news site dedicated to the latest news about the upcoming elections back then.

Mabuhay Restops

Web Design

A web site that features tours, activities, and events of the restop.

The Artics


An e-commerce platform where artists can join and post their artwork directly into the site, as soon as they become a member.

Global Elite Lingua Franca

Web Design

A web site that includes booking features to schedule demo classes. This also features language switching, wherein a user can switch between the Chinese, Japanese, and English versions of the site.

Our Clients

We are honored to have been chosen by these clients

We're very satisfied with Magis Solutions as they went beyond our expectations. They value each of their clients and make that all their needs are met. We highly recommend them not just for their excellent service but because of what they stand for.

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Meggie Ochoa Founder, ProoPH, Inc.

Excellent customer service. Immediate feedback. Agency with a heart.

Author image
Addi Dela Cruz Chief Marketing Officer, Hound Haven

Nice! Very good support!

Author image
John Martin Figuracion Co-Founder, Protees

Magis Solutions helped us in bringing our ideas to life. They gave us the opportunity to develop web products that are friendly to non-coders without us needing to break the bank. They're our go to web guys.

Author image
Mark Duque President, GameGulp

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